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SGC - Gulp Toolchain CLI
TypoScript support for PHPStorm, Webstorm and IntelliJ
Fluid support for PHPStorm and IntelliJ
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1x SGC - Gulp Toolchain CLI
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1x TypoScript support for PHPStorm, Webstorm and IntelliJ
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1x Fluid support for PHPStorm and IntelliJ
- sgalinski Internet Services -   €19.99 *
Current Version: 2.0 The SGC offers a complete frontend build process and development... more
Product information "SGC - Gulp Toolchain CLI"

Current Version: 2.0

The SGC offers a complete frontend build process and development environment for your web projects, based on Node.js 6 and Gulp 4, as well as an extendable command line interface. It is developed with a strong focus on TYPO3, but can also be adopted to work with other systems.

Among other things, the current version offers the following features:

Styles / SCSS

  • Compilation of your Sass files into CSS
  • Automatic adding of vendor prefixes
  • Quality assurance task that runs your js files through Scss-Lint, based on an customized ruleset
  • Sprite engine for pixel based icons
  • Inline SVG engine that is able to generate an inlined background-image from an svg file
  • Image dimensions plugin that lets you use image-width and image-height functions as known from compass
  • Solution for generating "above the fold" inline CSS
  • Minification of your CSS files


  • Enables a workflow for writing modular JavaScript with Browserify, using the CommonJS syntax
  • ECMAScript 6 Support
  • TypeScript Support
  • Quality assurance task that runs your js files through JSHint, based on an customized ruleset


  • Optimizing (lossless) of your images to reduce filesize


  • Test your website synchronously on multiple devices and browsers (via Browsersync)
  • Automatically inject changes in CSS- and JS-files (via Browsersync)
  • Usage of SourceMaps, to get references to your pre-compiled files inside the browser development tools


  • The SGC supports bash and ZSH shells. On Windows, the use of git-bash is recommended.


You can get support from us if you plan to introduce a frontend toolchain in your company or your project. Contact us in such a case.

Subscription model

By purchasing this product, you will receive the gulp toolchain in its current version, as well as all regular updates during the period declared in your subscription. You will receive no more updates after your subscription expired, but will still be able to use the toolchain at the current version of the date of expiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this licence on multiple websites?

Sure! The licence itself is bound to an user and can be used on as much projects/websites as you want.

2. Where can I report problems and feature requests?

You can report all problems and feature requests on our Gitlab project. For support questions you can use our mail address

3. Why don't I get a download button in my view after I ordered with paying by invoice?

You get the download option after your payment was sucessfully transfered to our bank account.

4. How can I retrieve updates?

You can download the latest release always from your shopware account for your subscription. You can get the release information via our newsletter or social media channels.

5. What means the subscription option "lifetime"?

You will get the licence and all updates for the whole product life cycle. The product support can be cancelled anytime, but we want to support it at least for five years beginning with the first version of the product.

Further Information

Learn more about the toolchain on our dedicated product page (german).

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